Sunday, 21 November 2010

Old MAC (Donald)

After a few weeks of suffering a slow Mac, it decides it wants to break down on me. For fuck sake can things get any worse. Had to take it in to the Apple store last night. Well my husband did any way while i was drinking the night away with Gambit/

Speaking of Gambit. Although we have been chatting for a while it seems a bit blah blah, our relationship that is. I felt some what uncomfortable and didn't really know what to say. Due to the circumstances and the time that had passed it is understandable though.

(Anti)Christmas is just round the corner and although I haven't changed my mind about what is to come I am now looking forward to the people I shall be spending the dreaded commercial time with.

I'm thinking of child friendly writing.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

The way Life is boring me.

Just thought to myself the many times I have left my house and got to the end of the street and thought "How the fuck did I just get here?". it's like the life I'm living is boring me so much that my body and mind are on auto pilot and when there no need for thought, thought just does not occur. 

I have been reffered to as a walking doll (No lie) and an axe murderer when I have a more stern face on when traveling the streets of London. Damn sometimes, I just feel like life as I know it is missing something, something tiny, something youthful. My FOY

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Hair isn't always everything, get over it Blkflk!

So since I cut all my curls off and started just recenlty to re grow my hair without any colourings. A lot of people have been commiting on how my hair looks relax and to Black (Jet) to be natural. My fault no... my Mom and fathers fault for having a biracial child, like duh it happens. And a superfical this may sound, it really is annoying being dark skin, biracial and having fucking twats of African, Carribbean decent manily question what chemicals I put in my hair. Shappo and water Hater-homosapiens. Now get your nikes, on your bikes and keep on pedeling to some one else who has the fucking patience to answer your ignorrant fucking questions. The end! till  later on that is. Love ya Homosapiens!!! xx