Friday, 26 August 2011

MEMOIRS OF MARBIE: Gay, Curly and Mixed pt1

Hello Homosapiens........... As promised I said I was going to post today. So as a little insight as to How I became who I am today, I'm going to write you all, Dudes and Dudettes, "Memoirs of Marbie"

I'm in primary school, Infant School, just about moving up to Junior School (bare with me this was some time ago so although the age is right the type of school I was in may not be), I'm 6 years old.
It's the most hottest time of year, summer, in the UK of all places. It may be hard to beleive the UK ever had skin burning, egg frying on stone, summers, but it did. I'm playing with a group of friends, Hannah is with me, Aaron, Alton and a few other. These were my close fiends.
"Lets play kiss chase." Stewart (The so-called Hunk of the group, you know the type) always wanted to play kiss chase, especially if Constentina and Dee involed (The Charbies, Council estate popular girls). Aaron gives him the nod, Alton stands beside and me, well i'm still sitting down at the House keepers gates picking up ants and eating them. Why I was eating the ants I'm not too sure now, but what I do recall is that I really enjoyed the crunch and the biting of the red ants I would pick (black ants never bite you). Hannah jumps up and they all start talking walking slowly in the heat. Dee and Constentina are under the shelter, no doubt they conducted the whole thing. I'm staring at the all, wow the sun is really blinding me. I jump up in my shorts, my blue shorts and walk over.

"Right girls first then." Great, Dee is behind me and although I knew it was coming I was hoping she wouldn't. "There's 3 girls and 4 boys, we need to get another one init?"
Constentina echos on, "Yeah we need another one init. Lets gets Rachel." Dee gives her the nod and she runs of to get the sparrow timid Rachel that obviously was brought up in a white middle class family. Even then children can smell class. She was like an English Rose Rachel was, Platinum Blonde hair, mousy little nose, and Blue eyes. Skinny too! Constentina must of roped her into play cause she began walking back with her.

Mind Block!!! Remember I was 6 years old so I can't remember everything.

I remember chasing after Stewart, rapidly. Children were screaming "Fight, fight, fight, fight", I'm kind of puzzled right now. Shit I've lost him, I stopped in my tracks, squinted and looked really hard between  the black, tanned and white bodies (Funny I don't remember any Oriental or Asian children in my school back then. Found him. I chased him around the court hard, weaving in and out the poles of the Shelter and chased him into the school corridor and into our vacant class room. I stopped and the door, scanning the room as he was too quick for me to now where he had hid himself. To my left, chest of drawers with shells and pencils in tins. No not there. To my right The adult led reading corner and  carpet area, no not there either (Chalk board has the date on it) "I'm not playing any more!", I hear is giggle come from a corner, the home corner. I ran to it, he jumped out at me, throwing me down on to the heavy, stained, with goodness knows what cushions. Pinned me down, my heart is throbbing with fear as his eyes look at me with those almost soulless eyes. His mouth begins to twitch, he's gripping harder on my wrists which are above my head spread to the sides. Smile. Slow motion, children screaming loudly, playground bell ring "In Time" a teacher shout out. Play ground bell still donging like thunder. His lips touch mine and he pushes down. I push back. Stamping feet in the corridor coming our way, slow motion now speeds up, we hug and then sit up.
"Where are they?' some one questions
"Miss he spat at me." I shout out, he shouts back towards the teacher "Because he kissed Constentina."
It was all planned and that's where my memory ends, well apart from circle time and we sitting next to each other taken the piss out of a Strong African accented supply teacher as she calls turtles "Toy-toys" and I, being the one that always has to correct people especially when it involved animals, say, "It's TUR- TLES, you stupid woman." Yeap that's me to the Head Mistresses room yet again.

So when People ask me "How did you know you were gay and when?" although it's common for children to experiment, in my opinion most children know who they will be attracted to later on in life. I believe you are born the way your born. Besides I had a father figure all my life and my mom didn't eat Humus.

So Homosapiens as I leave you till next week probably, as I am off to Gran Canaria tomorrow (You can follow my tweets though @RogueNScott ),
What can I ask was one of your first memories of any relationship (doesn't have to be Gayshen it can be Straightian too)


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Monday, 15 August 2011

In The Eye Of The Beholder

Hello Homosapiens.... Now I don't consider myself to be an artist, but what I know am, is an interpreter. When I see something or am touched by a theme I tend to go with the flow and let my rivers flow to the endless times of space.
I love to paint and right now am working on a painting (and have been for almost 15 months now), work seems build dams so that i slow down in order to catch my fish and then go on a usual. Here are a few of my pieces. (Gambit I hope is a proud owner of a painting titled "Not green with envy, blue with hope", wish I still had a picture of it.) All these have been done using stretched  Canvas' and Acyclic paints.


Bramwell Phoenix 

My Earth

We Are The Children

The working title:
See It In The Boys Eyes

Although I do this purely out of recreational purposes, I un-purely guess it wouldn't hurt to do paintings for a paying client (Marbie smile). I just hate giving them up at completion, it make me feel sad. 
BTW Homosapiens those movie reviews are now up: HERE.


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Films To Watch

Hello Homosapiens... so in the next coming hours I will be writing some reviews on films that are currently out now in the cinemas all around the world and also, telling you which TV shows I am currently watching and why. so I emplor you to press the link Here and attempt to see what I have seen wihout acturally seeing it for yourself befor you go to see and switch your channels over to see.


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

War Of The Hoodlums

Hello Homosapiens..... 4th Agust 2011 man is killed, who knows why? I don't but he did. No life deserves to be extinguished, however if your going to carry a life exinguisher be prepared for your fire to also be extinguished. I feel for the family and kids.
London has gone crazy right noe leaving so many families and business owners a sense of no hope and all for what? Surely at this moment in time when these Hoodlums riot hour by hour, this one man is not truly the cause? Ans I'm done... any thug friends I have (or associates I will say) I no longer wnat you around me. The breed, the type of person and attitude you convey and at no doubt at the end, comes from it is pure destruction (sipping on my beer). 

People have lost their lifes and their homes. I work with children and seeing this who rioting of young Homosapiens who don't know what or why they are doing it is beginning to make me wonder, Is what I'm doing with children worth it, if it only leads to them ending up, looting Footlocker, Jd sports, Carpet world, and leaving Jerk chicken sjhops and Mc donalds as these are the only places there mommas know here to do their daily groceries (Take a couple more sips and a puff of my fag) (I'm only Omega not a god). 

So I know I got a few Homosapiens reading up with me and my rants and experiments but not sure you see whats going on. The video above is an example and it only gets worse.

If you are in the London are: Tottenham's homeless families - how to help. Take clothing, bedding, toys and other suitable items to Apex house, 820 Seven Sisters Road N15.

I've started doing a round up at home already. everything will be needed, from a hair brush to a used worn book and clothes. People have lost their lives and homes and this nonsense sense of nonsense needs to stop (Did i confuse you a little there? Just read over it will make sense.

Riots and protests are for a reason which I think the reason has now been forgotten.

Live long and prosper 


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weeklys or Monthlys?: Just so not myself....(since 2004), things change

Weeklys or Monthlys?: Just so not myself....(since 2004), things change

Just so not myself....(since 2004), things change

Hello Homosapiens..... So as of late I've been said to not be acting myself as I did years ago. (had to full stop there come on now YEAR being the operative word). Well of course I'm not, I have things in my life now that have enhanced it to become more fulfilling and if I were to stay like the carefree Rogue I once was, would I be here talking to you all? No.

Gran Canaria: Sand Dunes
So just about to start a new job and I'm having to make myself go in a least twice a week to familiarize my self with every thing, planning my 3rd anniversary surprise for my Husband and going on a trip all happening within weeks of each other (Goddess I love my life but this is a bit much). So my life isn't what is was back in 2004.... I'm not the rogue Rogue Scott that every one seemed to want to tame cause I was so wild and free and did what i want when i want. In my life now comes Big responsibilities, my home, my family, my job and life. I've been tamed, oh yes I have. No I haven't wait just there. Every animal has it's place of serenity and I have fund mine in the heart of him who does not judge, or disparage me, is there for me when I need and don't whom shares with me and utters no words of my hidden private life to no-one. I found my serenity in something, some one living, not in an inanimate object containing liquid (although the thought of that is appealing at time, don't I know this).
I can't wait for the relaxing night I'll spend with my Juggernaut and Wolverine on the Sand Dunes, in Gran Canaria (I always thought code naming people with X-men character names was appropriate, seeing as my name too and legal (BY LAW) is Rogue.

I haven't been posting much for a while but as it says "Weeklys or Monthlys" and right now it seem to be a bit of an inbetweener.

Can't believe how much fun I've had over the last 7 months, no not even, 11 months. Time seems to fly by.
Did I mention it was my day of Establishment on the 24th July? It was a great one, missing one person but still a great one (And I'm the hypocrite).
A friend once said to me, that I rite when something has annoyed or touched me or when I enquire about things only a mere few in my large circles of live have slight answers to. Yeah that me, who wouldn't want to better there knowledge and understanding (No connection to the EYFS there)(Marbie smile), what writer doesn't (and I'm not really a writer now, am I? I am a thinker.
No this segment today has nothing to do with anyone in particular merely the words they may have uttered to get my attention and that they did. Get my attention.

What small gesture on a beach could I make, for my 3rd anniversary? Your suggestions are more than welcome in the comments below, I only have three weeks and still haven't obsessed on a working title. (Just thought candles in jars on a quiet spot of one of the beaches, with our wedding song playing and a bottle of champagne, have Wolverine bring Juggernaut from the hotel to the beach for the surprise????? Hmmmm, I'll keep you posted that may not work)

For the next coming months it's going to be all about my new place of work, if you're a regular reader you might want to follow my twitter updates as I've been blowing that up for the last few weeks. or simply look to your left>>>>> See it? My twitter updates.
But really is it needed for someone to post they're using the toilet..... I won't be doing that.

Going on this short vacation in three weeks and yet I still feel as if I don't have everything needed. Damn paydays being so separate from each other.

Well Homosapiens, I'm off now. Probably to twitter about the nonsense-sense of the riots going on in Tottenham (Half hour away from me YIKES), i just hope no more people have been hurt in the looting and rampage. (Notice I just swung today)