Marbies Paramount Sevens

Homosapiens..... As an insight into what I Rogue “Marbie” Scott get up to on a daily basis, I have composed The Marbie Paramount Sevens, I will always need to get through the day.

The Outer Shell Skin and Hair care:
I'd like to introduce to those of you who haven't yet heard about these products, from SBC. SBC has a luxurious range of Salon quality skin care products. Now before December 2010, I was unaware of who and what SBC, that was for long. I use the Collagen range every day, which yes you may be think I'm young (ish) but in fact I'm a smoker and as a smoker I need all the help I can get. Collagen doesn't produce as well as it would in a non smpker so these gels and serums I use help prevent me from further ageing before my time (I dislike seeing homosapiens that look 50 at the age 0f 30, not a cute look) I also use the SBC propolis gel, Palmers Coco Butter (Tad bit greasy) and a cream I use to combat and prevent my childhood skin condition coming back (SBC works wonders when I don't have the medicated stuff.) My hair, I was wish Timotei or Head and Shoulders, shappos and conditioners. And thats it. I May add the minor bit of hair gel to keep my curls in place but not too much to dry out the hair. (Curly hair dries out fast than any other hair type)

I must watch at least one film a day which is almost impossible in my life of blogging, full-time work and children and family but hey I have to make space for me as you should too. I am a massive fan of Horror and Sci-fi films and such a kid when it comes to Disney films (I watch these when I want to escape from life of Volcanoes and daily death tolls on the news)
Why not follow my “At the Movies with Rogue Scott” blog and see for yourself...... (it doesn't get as much attention as this one though Homosapiens, maybe you can help me out.)

A Camera:
Documenting every thing I do calms me and I also on the odd occasion take random photographs of thing that have amused me, just so in old age I remember what I have done in life and what I haven't. My HTC HD 7 phone has come to some good use of the last months but if not that my little Canon will do. Pictures do say a thousand words and with me probably even more so. I'm not sure I see the word as everyone else..... pictures help me show people what is going on in my sight and thought.

Food and drink:
A Marbie has to eat too. And with out a fail I have to eat a half large loaf a day and one or two Supermalts (not everyone like that drink) Good nutrition is always a must for any one, for me it's not so much though. I tend to eat what's on offer (Not a very picky eater), love fast food and salads (Cause salads are going to do a lot for me). Being and Ectomorph (Ectomorph being some one who can eat as much as they want and still put no weight on, what a curse) as well Homosapiens, I have to eat more than the average person just to keep my slim frame..... I do intend on putting on a few more pounds or a stone or so but doctors have said in time (I want it now)

Whitening tooth paste:
I smoke and I smile and laugh a lot (It's been said that if you laugh at least 7 times a day, a good laugh out loud few, you live longer and look younger (crows feet) we'll see). Whitening tooth paste is like my best friend after my partner. I can't live without it and I go crazy when I find those normal brands. In saying that tooth whitening is almost in every tooth paste now.
Decent sleep
Week days I sleep at the most I will sleep about 12-13 hours and thats one a working day. Non working days even more so depending on what needs to be done and where I am. Bus ride sleeps I avoid now, as I have been a culprit for taking pictures of people sleeping, not cute. Weekends, as much as I want and also depends on what I am doing that day/s.

YOU, Homosapien Dudes and Dudettes: 
Without you and when I say you I mean all my family and friends and of course you as readers. Every one of you play a vital roll in my life, that without you I would have never become the sarcastic, open minded, out spoken, sometimes insouciant in my out looks. You all keep me so humbled and thankful for you gifts of wise words, attitudes, your love in your eyes that I have to say I really do need you to keep me grounded.