Memoirs Of Marbie: Series eBook (Comments page)

Hello Homosapiens, this is a chance for you to truelly let rip and let me know what you think of the 'Memoirs Of Marbie' series. Although its still in it's raw stage where I haven't really editited grammar and spelling,I hope you still get a feel of what it wss like to be me growing up. 
I've had feedback from many, who are not bloggers, therefore not holding an account. Here you can comment purley in the dark or let me know who you and others are. 

So Dudes and Dudettes let me know what you thinking, I'm intrigued.

Kind regards

Rogue Marbie Scott :-) marbie smile


  1. Fantastic writer, can really feel the emotion in the author's writing. Hardcore feelings with depth clearly coming through. Keep up the good work!


  2. Absolutely brilliant! Very intriguing insight into your life as a young child, I hope you continue to take us to where you are now in your life.

    keep up the good writing rogue!

  3. Brilliant! Never did I ever in my wildest dreams think a child could do and say such things. Your writing style make me feel as if I am you. I felt every emotion you have portrayed in you Memoirs and can only hope you continue. What else is to come?

    Keep up the good work Rogue.

    K.J Simmons

  4. From The Memoirs of Marbie: All Hallows Eve's DLR post:

    Maples said...
    I turned the last page and realised I had finished for now, like a junky I need another fix.
    A damn good read your description in both chapters I have read were fantastic you write so well and with precise memory in most parts.
    I applaud you for taking me into your past and putting your inner most thoughts on paper for all to read.
    My friend these words need to be published for the world to read. I love the way you write because it takes me to your place as though I was there, I feel it I see it.
    Your words made me actually laugh out loud.
    I need more!!!!!

    Maples xxx

    Thanks a lot Maples.