Memoirs of Marbie

"Hello Homosapiens...."

Rogue "Marbie "Scott, has now started to write a Mini-series Titled, Memoirs of Marbie.
He speaks to you about his times as a child discovering who he is, knowing he is attracted to the same sex, but because of his innocence at this time, hasn't yet labeled what and who he is. From Gay Boyz to Men. Memoirs of Marbie, for Rogue this has so far been an emotional journey for him to write and hopes it inspires others to be more open with who they are inside and out, not only being gay or straight but to everyone who has ever doubted their lives.
Other posts from Rogue, are very spontaneous and often written in the heat of the moment or on a  pressing issue he needs to vent on behalf of the world and his peers.

Links below to the Memoirs of Marbie posts.
Part one

Gay, Curly and Mixed

How I learnt to tell the time

Flash, Lucozade and Woolworths

Transitions (part 1)

Transitions (part 2)

Transitions (part 3)

Transitions (part 4) Rio's rays of sunshine

One Man, One Girl, One Boy, One Woman

All Hallow's Eve's DLR

Grey's Anatomy (part 1)

Aunties of Eastwick (part 1)

Aunties of Eastwick (part 2)

Nightmare Before Christmas

Part two

Adults, Secrets and Lies

I bust the screen out of your TV

Adults, Secrets and Lies (part 2)

Adults, Secrets and Lies (part 3)

Adults, Secrets and Lies (part 4) 

Adults, Secrets and Lies (part 5) 

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